Thursday, June 26, 2008

Avengi Ja Nahin - Rabbi

New outing by singer / song-writer Rabbi of Bulla Ki Jaana fame. His most recent outing as a composer on the otherwise terrible Delhii Heights was actually pretty decent. Anyhow - onwards with this release!

Overall, 3/5 - average album. It has its moments, but ultimately ends up sounding a lot like something I've already heard before. Unlike Kailash Kher, who I compare him to perhaps unfairly, Rabbi doesn't "dare" enough for me.

1. Chhalla : Screamer of a track, no literally. Must be a crowd favorite. Umm, OK. Warm-up track.

2. Karachi Waalie: Oddly enough for Rabbi, sounds like a cookie cutter rock ballad and I get a nagging feeling that I've head the same strains on some other album, almost takes me back to my Rock Machine ala Indus Creed Days. Perhaps its a check off on the album, Rock ballad,check. Ominous feeling, not going well!

3. Maen Bolia: This is more like the Rabbi I know / prefer. Lyrics are awesome, the album is ticking up.

4. Avengi Ja Nahin : Title track, aptly named, was wondering whether the real Rabbi Avenga Ja Nahin? Nicely laid out, relaxed lilting melody, some of the slide guitar work shown in Delhi Heights (Kitni Der Tak). I love the slide guitar inclusion - you dont hear it often on Indian compositions.

5. Ballo: First thought, "Its Probably Me - Sting" - got the same tchick/boom beat going for it. Umm, ok.

6. Tu Avin Bandra: Like the lyrics, but the song is a little too non-linear for me, hangs in the air and exceeds its welcome.

7. Pagrhi Sambhal Jatta: Starts off like a Red Hot Chilli Peppers number (Soul to Squeeze). The song gets into a comfortable rhythym but the lyrics are distracting , if thats possible. All I hear is Tughlaq, Ghazni. The lyrics are actually great, but doesnt translate well into song.Plus I've got the stellar Rahman song (from Legend of Bhagat Singh) playing in my head, although the two songs only share the same title - the sentiment is the same.

8. Bilquis (Jinhe Naaz Hain): Nice lock step beat. Social message pepperred with bharat bhagya vidhaata!

9. Return To Unity: Give me a little Freddy Mercury Rabbi. Well not really - but not a bad song, again I'm getting Indus Creed flashbacks! Time to pull out that old Rock Machine tape.

I bought the album using MusicYogi again - they should take a leaf out of FlipKart's book (ironic) and waive the shipping. If you want, you can Buy Rabbi CD from

Am listening to the band Avial now, I don't understand a word of Malayalam, yes, the whole album is in Malayalam - but so much fun! Next post on Avial - am still getting my fill!

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