Friday, April 18, 2008

IPL Mela, choosing a team.

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The IPL circus has started. I'm not a big fan of cricket, the only way I can watch a match is if I put money on it and root a team. Since this is not a India VS others, I need to decide on a team to support in IPL. So this is how I decide to award my allegiance to a team.

Rather than recklessly pick any team, I think the following is a good set of reasons.
Points are based on team name, team jersey and colors (a girl's gotta look good wearing it, specially since it will be very costly, being Reebok), souvenirs , glam Q, da playah's (world cup T20 made me fan of a few cricketers), M.A.L , Mascot, Anthem, Logo(read 'maal') package.

If I go for a match, I should get complete entertainment.

Bangalore Royal Challengers : IPL is a complete brand and advertising game not so much a sport, so using Royal Challenge as the name should be alright, but the blatant brand whoring, left me annoyed. Thankfully Mallya doesn't own VIP Frenchie otherwise, the name would have been Bangalore Frenchie. The plus point is Vijay Mallya, he has a lot of cash to give fulltu entertainment to the crowd as was obvious from the first game.

Name: the big O. Jersey : 3. Souvenir: 0 (it'll probably be the RC music CD). Glam Q: 3. Da Playah's: 1 (Praveen kumar and Zaheer khan). M.A.L : ZEROH (walking advt for RC)

Score : 7/ 30

Chennai Super Kings : Oye Dhoni!! Need I say more. But whats with the name, what were they thinking? "Hey, lets add a Super to the Kings, to give it that extra punch!" Their website says "The addition of the word Super gives the name a young and contemporary feel, which is in keeping with the game format."

Name: 1. Jersey : 3. Souvenir: 0. Glam Q: 3. Da Playah's: 5 (Dhoni and 1 point for Joginder). M.A.L : 1

Score : 13/30

Deccan Chargers : Hmm.. the name is good. They do have the best (and functioning) IPL team website so far.

Name: 3. Jersey : 2. Souvenir: 0. Glam Q: 0. Da Playah's: 1 (RP Singh and Rohit Sharma). M.A.L : 4

Score : 10/30

Delhi Daredevils : Like the name! I guess its the devils which does it for me. And also that DD would be the double D's! hee.. Like the logo, only one with some cricket affiliation to it. Red and Black is good jersey color. Mascot is a horny ball! hee.. It's a ball with horns.

Name: 3. Jersey : 4. Souvenir: 0. Glam Q: 0. Da Playah's: 1 (Sehwag). M.A.L : 4

Score : 12/30

Kings XI Punjab : Nice name. You would think, what's the difference between Super Kings and Kings. Its the extra XI, "Kings Eleven" just has a better sound. The only team owned by a girl!! That adds major points for the team. Website takes forever to load but is not too bad. I love the punjabi spirit that is going for them. A shout out to my punjabi roots. And, they have lassi glasses as souvenir's! Haa.. haa..
Jersey colors are Red and White.. naa.. no good. Super Kings and Kings XI have the same logo, whats with that?

Name: 4. Jersey : 3. Souvenir: 5. Glam Q: 3. Da Playah's: 5 (Yuvi, Sreesanth, Irfan). M.A.L : 5

Score : 25/30

Kolkata Knight Riders : With a silly grin i've got to say yummy Shahrukh!! The jersey's are 'Oh So' cool. Black with the right bit of gold for the glitter. Looks perfect on a pair of jeans. And looove the golden helmets. Really disappointed with the mascot, very tame stuffed toy tigger like. Same for the name, it's too 80's with complete Hasselhoff flavor.

Name: 3. Jersey : 5. Souvenir: 0 (everthing on the web site is coming soon, so will be the points). Glam Q: 5(I would give them 10, just for Shahrukh, but am being fair here). Da Playah's: 4 (Ishant, Ponting). M.A.L : 3

Score : 20/30

Mumbai Indians : I'm sure they could have come up with a better name, a better logo even.. and better colors. I don't find anything attractive about the team. No, Sachin doesn't do it either. Somehow every match I see him play, he's out in the first ball. But a very big plus, its my home team. Imagine the fun supporting your home team in a stadium full of fellow mumbaikars. For this reason and this reason only, its under contention. It does have a good web site.

Name: 2. Jersey : 2. Souvenir: 0. Glam Q: 3. Da Playah's: 3 (Bhaji, Uthapa). M.A.L : 1

Score : 11/30

Rajasthan Royals : This is just a sad sad team. Their mascot is Moochu Singh.. hee.. imagine the cool moustachioed men being called Moochu. Anyways, plus point.. their logo, has a cool tattoo look. Colors are lame, blue and gold, none of the Rajasthani color to them.

Name: 3. Jersey : 2. Souvenir: 0. Glam Q: 2. Da Playah's: 0. M.A.L : 2

Score : 9/30

And this is how they eventually stand..

Bangalore Royal Challengers : 7
Rajasthan Royals : 9
Deccan Chargers : 10
Mumbai Indians : 11
Delhi Daredevils : 12
Chennai Super Kings : 13
Kolkata Knight Riders : 20
Kings XI Punjab : 25

Ergo, I will be rooting for Kings XI Punjab.. pass the lassi.


5F5 said...

The IPL is a great thing for India. It will allow more people to make a living while playing/organizing cricket games. Previously you had to be in the national 11 to make a meaningful living out of it.

There is only one thing that bothers me... I hope the advertisements for all these teams don't hype the local identity too much. That was the only thing that bothered me about the Preety Zinta add. We are fresh off the whole Thackeray vs. North Indians issue. We don't need more testerone driven ads that somehow unknowingly put local identity above the national one. The last thing we want is cricket hooligans divvied by state lines (like the football hooligans of Europe) rioting at games about who is better a Bengali or a Punjabi.

At least one good thing is that all the teams have players from everywhere including outside India. I hope the organizers make a conscious attempt at keeping and improving upon this mix in the future.

I realize that my comment got a little serious. I like your analysis though.

Siva Rajendran said...

Nice post. But I feel behind the glam, souvenirs and logo it is your punjabi roots that let you choose the Kings X1. I support the other Kings.